Professor Marek Zirk-Sadowski LL.D. LL.D. (habilitated)

Director of the Judicial Decisions Bureau


Graduate of law and philosophy at the University of Łódź. His academic career was closely associated with the University where He first started to work as an intern-assistant In the Departament of Administrative Law (1973). In 1977 he obtained LL.D. and in 1984 – the title of habilitated doctor in law. In 1990 he became an Associate Professor and a Full Professor in 2000.

He was Deputy Rector of the University of Lódź in the years 1993-1999. For two terms (6 years) he was the Dean of the Faculty of Law and Administration of the Univeristy of Łódź. At present, he heads the Chair of Theory and Philosophy of Law.

He has authored many studies in legal science including eight books (four of them as a co-author), including among them: “Understanding Evaluations in Legal Language”, “Law and the Participating in Culture”, “Introduction in the Philosophy of Law”. He has lectured in most of the countries of Europe as well as in the USA and Japan.

He is the Vice-President of the International Association for Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy (IVR) and in the years 2006-2007 held the title of the President of the Association.

His interest is focused on the analytical theory of law, hermeneutic philosophy of law, philosophy of Community law and the theory of integration.

He was a member of an inter-disciplinary team which prepared the annual report evaluating the level of adjustments of Poland to the membership of the European Union. He is Editor-In-Chief of “Archiwum Teorii i Filozofii Prawa” (a Polish Section of IVR).  

Since 1994 he has been a judge of the Supreme Administrative Court. In June 2004, the President of the Republic of Poland appointed Professor Marek Zirk-Sadowski to the post of the Vice-President of the Supreme Administrative Court.

By the order of the President of Republic of Poland of 15th of February, with effect from 17th of February 2016, he was appointed to the post of the President of the Supreme Administrative Court. He held the post of the President of the Supreme Administrative Court until 17th of February 2022. On 21 February 2022 he was appointed to the post of the Director of the Judicial Decisions Bureau. 

In 1998 he was decorated with the Gold Cross of Merit, and in 2002 he became a Knight of the Polonia Resituta Order.